Our areas of expertise

Our firm focuses on the three areas of expertise shown below. This positioning enables us to assist our Clients in the creation, development, or even internationalisation of their activities, both in consultancy or litigation.

To find out about the services we offer, click on the icon corresponding to each area of expertise.

Our Clients

CITIZEN works primarily with two Clienteles: on the one hand, entrepreneurs who wish to benefit from the special fee offers and the pragmatic approach of the firm; and on the other hand, British and international Clients, who wish to be assisted in English for legal issues specific to their situation.

We ensure that our Clients retain control of their case, understand the ins and outs and know how it is handled.

Our activities

CITIZEN provides both consultancy (drafting contracts, consultations, compliance checks, occasional or regular advice, review of documents, etc.) and litigation (representation in the context of an amicable settlement, defence before the courts, etc.).

This double intervention allows the Firm’s clients to entrust us with their case, whether it is to carry out an economic project or to resolve a dispute. Discover our philosophy and methods using the icons below.

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