Citizen – SO Legal exclusive cooperation

In July 2021, Citizen entered into a transnational framework agreement with the English solicitors’ firm SO Legal Ltd. Approved by the Chairman of the Bar, this agreement, provided for in article 16-1 of the French National Rules of the legal profession, fosters Citizen’s international stature. 

SO Legal Ltd is a prestigious law firm, with offices in London, Eastbourne, Brighton, Uckfield and Hastings. A leader in innovation and communication, SO Legal shares the “pro-client” vision of its French counterpart. Citizen and SO Legal have placed at the heart of their collaboration the objectives of transparency, responsiveness, accessibility and efficiency.

Through this exclusive collaboration, the two firms intend to leverage their respective expertise. Although Citizen and SO Legal remain separate entities, each subject to its own rules of professional conduct, they have chosen to develop a close working and communication relationship. For example, Citizen benefits from the assistance of its colleague solicitors whenever the handling of complex cases involving the Common law requires it.

This cooperation thus enables Citizen and SO Legal to offer consistent legal services on both sides of the Channel! In a context marked by new uncertainties (Brexit, pandemic…), but also by the constant internationalisation of economic relations, the two firms intend to contribute to the rapprochement of their two countries, by assisting French and British individuals or companies in the best possible way. 

Discover all the services & advantages you will benefit from, thanks to the exclusive Citizen – SO Legal collaboration.

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The other collaborations forming the Citizen network

The Franco British Network

Established in 2013 as a special branch of the CCI Dordogne, the FBN is now an independent association dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses and developing Franco-British relations.  The FBN regularly organises warm and pleasant social or inter-professional events. Citizen, whose competence extends to Dordogne, is very involved in Franco-British issues. It was therefore very natural for the firm to become an active member of the FBN.

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Island Consulting

This is an agency providing legal and accounting services in Mauritius. It incorporates companies and accomplishes their various formalities. It also provides services of contract drafting and compliance. It is a dynamic start-up, whose activities are complementary to those of Citizen in the field of international law. This is why the two companies are partners.

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The Arbitration club

The Arbitration Club is an association promoting arbitration law by bringing together legal practitioners and the academic world. Its work focuses in particular on the new areas of arbitration (e.g. new technologies). In order to support this promising initiative, Citizen has decided to become an active partner and contributor.

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Business Law Institute

Attached to the Bar of Bordeaux, the IADB’s mission is to inform local entrepreneurs about the evolution of business law and to raise their awareness as to the services lawyers provide. Citizen is a member of the IADB and contributes to this rapprochement between local leaders and lawyers.

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The Circle for Law and Liberty

The Cercle for Law & Liberty brings together lawyers who are committed to the defense of constitutional rights & principles. The Circle actively defends “first generation rights”. In a context of normative inflation, continuous extension of the State’s intervention, and decline in individual freedoms, it was natural for Citizen to join the Circle.

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Golf club 42.67

This social & sporting club brings together business owners, decision-makers and entrepreneurs from Gironde who wish to develop their network around their passion for golf. Founded by a golf enthusiast, Citizen takes an active part in the sporting and social events organised by the Club 42.67!

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