CITIZEN provides advisory services to entrepreneurs wishing to develop their project, businesses with consultancy needs and companies operating in an international context.

We favour invoicing our Clients in the form of global packages, which include the negotiation and drafting of the deeds, all the exchanges with them, as well as the parties involved in the transaction (notaries, colleagues, administrations, accountants, etc.), and any administrative formalities.

Each case is approached with pragmatism. We thrive to reduce costs and delays, promote feasibility and avoid risks. We adapt to the pace of business and respect our Clients’ deadlines.

High-performance digital tools (Certigreffe, dematerialised signature of legal documents, etc.), as well as day-to-day legal monitoring, increases the accuracy of our legal documents and help us assure their compliance with the applicable law.

All of the consultancy assignments entrusted to us are carried out in compliance with our legal and ethical obligations.