CITIZEN advises and represents businesses, both French and foreign, in the realisation or in the defence of their economic projects.

Distribution Channels and Intermediaries

Whether it be selling products or services, businesses must choose a distribution strategy:

  • on an integrated basis (employees, traveling salesmen, in house services, relocated or not) ; or
  • outsourced (brokers, commission agents, representatives, franchisees, concessions, exclusive distribution, etc.).

We help companies to select the appropriate sales and distribution channel in line with the applicable law and their business strategy. We ensure their regulatory and legal compliance, without losing sight of their business needs or the risks involved.

We then prepare the suitable contractual framework (negotiating and drafting tailored contracts, exclusivity clauses, etc.).

Intellectual Property

The protection of creations and innovations is a strategic issue for businesses. These are often their most important assets, whose ownership and enforceability against third parties must be guaranteed. Often, the success of the company will depend on the degree of protection obtained. A contrario, sub-optimal protection may expose the company to unfair competition, counterfeiting, or other aggressive competition strategies.

Each innovation/creation has its own means of protection:

  • Your distinctive signs (brand, trade names, logos, slogans, emblems etc.) can be protected by a trademark;
  • Your technological innovations can be registered as patents or at least filed in certain intermediate formats;
  • Your intellectual creations (training, software and IT or digital solutions, certain designs) may be covered by copyright.

Beyond protecting IP rights, we also help to ensure their transfer (assignment or provision of trademarks, patents, etc.).

Contact us for information on the applicable procedures in France, the European Union, the UK, the Indian Ocean and beyond.


As the world evolves, so do we.

We take technological advancements into account in our day-to-day work and in drafting our deeds (videoconferencing, protection of confidential communications, electronic signatures, secure filing, etc.).

Above all, we help clients to realise their innovative projects:

  • By informing them of the compulsory content of their website;
  • By ensuring compliance with legislation on the protection of personal data (GDPR) and cookies;
  • By anticipating the legal consequences of their innovative marketing tools (development of a mobile app, digital payment methods, combatting money laundering and the financing of terrorism, etc.).

Competition and Consumer Law

Doing business implies complying with the requirements of competition law (merger control, abuse of dominance, monopolies, unlawful agreements, etc.) and consumer law (consumer information, right of withdrawal, warranty entitlement, etc.).
Businesses of all sizes are concerned and the sanctions for non-compliance can be severe.

That is why we have developed a specific expertise in the field of:

  • Advising SMEs on competition law; and
  • Drafting general terms and conditions of sale or services (GT&Cs) for business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships.

We regularly assist professionals who evolve in highly regulated sectors, such as:

  • Travel and tourism agencies (Tourism Code);
  • Financial services intermediaries (Monetary and Financial Code);
  • Real estate professionals…


Our dispute team can represent you, both as claimant and defendant, in any dispute relating to:

  • The reclassification of contracts (employment, branch manager, commercial agent contracts, etc.);
  • The performance of a distribution contract (termination of contract, compensation and indemnidites, etc.);
  • Acts of unfair competition ;
  • Counterfeiting ;
  • Parasitism, commercial defamation, and other unfair commercial practices;
  • Theft or mishandling of data and/or intellectual property…

We will plead your case:

  • Before the courts or arbitral tribunals;
  • In the context of inter-company negotiations; or
  • Before the relevant authorities (competition authorities, consumer affairs and fraud control…)

In the interest of our clients, we work in close collaboration with competent bailiffs. In particular, we implement evidence seizing procedures for the purposes of a future trial, and serve effective formal notices to settle disputes quickly.

— Contact our lawyer dealing with economic regulations matters, Maître Théo Le Flohic, Avocat Partner.