CITIZEN assists its Clients, local and international, in business and corporate law.

Corporate law

In the field of corporate law, CITIZEN assists SMEs at every step of their life.

Start of business – company incorporation

We assist our Clients in setting up their companies, under the appropriate corporate form (limited company by shares or stocks, French equivalents of partnership, “cooperative”…). This stage is fundamental, for it will condition the future life and functioning of the company. This is why we dedicate great care for the drafting of the articles of association. We then complete ASAP all the formalities necessary for the incorporation of the company with the registrar.

The use of high-performance digital tools allows us to be reactive and incorporate your structure quickly.

New partners

The firm helps you with the integration of new partners (legal audit, restructuring, sale of shares, asset and/or liability warranties, etc.) and assists the partners in organising their relations within the structure (shareholders’ agreements, definition of the management…). We work closely with our Clients and their accountants to determine the most appropriate way to carry out the integration. From the negotiation stage, potential disputes are anticipated to minimise the risks and optimise relations within the company.  

We always take the time to discuss with you the options available and explain their consequences.

Our special fees offers for entrepreneurs are here to help you mitigate legal costs, at the time financing is most important.

Business growth and commercial matters

Once incorporated, the company starts its activity and seeks to grow. at this stage, the firm assists the company in negotiating its commercial contracts (commercial lease, sales contracts, framework contracts, service provision, distribution, etc.) and in dealing with the authorities.

CITIZEN can carry out compliance audits, or review your contracts, to confirm the legality of all aspects of  your business. You can also outsource your corporate secretarial needs to us (general meetings, management decisions, etc.).

Our periodic fees subscription options allow companies with regular advisory needs to mitigate and keep visibility on their legal costs.

Acquisition, Sale of business, change of corporate form, restructuration, optimisation…

In the course of their“life”,companies may seek to diversify, transform, access other markets, form a group, restructure to optimise cash flow, exposure or taxation, or even acquire or merge with another company… All these complex operations demand great vigilance. Each stage must be approached in an organised and precise manner, anticipating the risks, in order to achieve the desired economic objective. 

CITIZEN can help you shape your economic activities involving English-speaking countries (UK and Overseas, Commonwealth, USA…), including with recourse to corporate vehicles or arrangements originating from these foreign territories.

Cessation of business, liquidation, dissolution

When its purpose is fulfilled, when its profitability is questioned, or for other reasons, the life of the company may be terminated. The firm assists its Clients in the context of insolvency proceedings or in carrying out the formalities necessary for the dissolution of the company.