International Trade 

CITIZEN assists, advises or represents its Clients in relation to :

  • international sales contracts (sale of goods, commodities, or individual acquisitions abroad), 
  • e-commerce,
  • international transportation (specific import or export means, risk transfers…),
  • international private investments (direct investments, joint ventures, acquisition of shares in foreign companies, developing countries, etc.)
  • provision of cross-border services. 

Private international law 

This refers to the set of rules and methods used to develop activities, or resolve disputes, where the laws of more than one country are potentially applicable.  

The situations are often complex. For example, a French SAS entered into a contract with an American LLC, but the latter does not honour its obligations; or two drivers – one French and one English – have a car accident in Italy…

The firm will advise on whether it is relevant to have the international contract governed by a particular law (should it be French law? Swiss law? English law?), depending on the normative framework best suited to its content. The agreement will then be drafted, taking into account the specificities of the designated law, in collaboration with colleagues from that country. 

We adapt ourselves to international business rules; we can negotiate and draft contracts in both French or English. 

In litigation, before addressing the merits of a transnational dispute, specific treaties, regulations or international rules may be invoked to contest the jurisdiction of a court or to ensure that the appropriate rules are applied to the case.

You can also entrust CITIZEN with the enforcement of foreign decisions in France.