CITIZEN is an entrepreneurial firm designed for entrepreneurs. Having entrepreneurship in mind, we are particularly aware of the needs and problems that start-up companies, or business owners in general, may encounter.

We know, for example, how important it is to be well advised when you want to develop an economic activity, to meet with professionals who help you move forward and who adapt to the pace of business. We are aware that the law is often perceived as a slowdown, or even an obstacle, whereas it can, on the contrary, be used to foster private initiatives and facilitate trade. This is why we support our entrepreneurial clients with enthusiasm and efficiency, always in a pedagogical spirit.

Aware that the issue of initial financing is crucial for young companies, CITIZEN adapts its invoicing and offers special fees aimed at tackling this difficulty.

Workign with us, you will benefit from our qualitative network. Indeed, we can put you in touch with accountants, bankers and other colleagues who share a proactive vision of their profession and with whom we maintain a constructive dialogue.

In consultancy, you can, inter alia, entrust us with the creation of your company, the drafting of a partnership agreement, or the establishment of the conditions of sale or use of a service… We will endeavour to help you to start your activity as well as possible, in compliance with the applicable regulations.

In litigation, we will act quickly to defuse or limit the consequences of a dispute relating to your project. We will seek to protect your interests the best we can, so that you can focus on what matters: developing your business.