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International successions

The Reform of the French Hereditary Reserve in International Successions: First lessons, First solutions

In our article dated 18 November 2021, Me Marie-Claude Bessout (former Notary) and I alerted our foreign readers to the consequences and uncertainties brought about by the “law against separatism” of 24 August 2021 with regard to international successions. We regretted that the wording of the new Par. 3 of…

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French business

The international acquisition of a French business: some practical advice

In one of our previous articles, we presented the two main techniques for acquiring a business in France. Today we will approach this issue from the international perspective. In particular, we will give practical advice to foreign companies and entrepreneurs wishing to acquire a French on-going business (fonds de commerce)….Continue reading

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commercial lease

The non-renewal of a French commercial lease for serious and legitimate motives: a weapon not to underestimate

The commercial lease contract is well known. In simple terms, it is the agreement whereby the owner of a property rents his premises to a company or entrepreneur, so that the latter can operate iys business, craft or industry. The commercial lease should thus not be confused with the residential…Continue reading

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The French 3% tax on market value: how foreign entities may be exempt

Relatively unknown, the French 3% tax on the market value of real estate properties owned in France (Taxe sur la valeur vénale des immeubles détenus en France, hereinafter “TVVI”) can have dire consequences, if one does not pay attention. Designed and adopted as a tool against tax evasion, the TVVI…Continue reading

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hereditary reserve

The Reform of the French Hereditary Reserve in International Successions: a Problem; Not a Solution

On 24 August 2021, Law No. 2021-1109 reinforcing the respect of the principles of the Republic (hereinafter “the law against separatism”) was adopted. With this law, the Government intended to respond to the phenomenon of “separatism”, which France is facing. Its provisions aim, in various fields (such as the protection…

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European Union Trade Mark Application

How UK Businesses and Individuals Can Apply for a European Union Trade Mark Post Brexit

A European Union trade mark (hereinafter an “EUTM”) is a trade mark registered, or pending registration, in the European Union as a whole (as opposed to national trade marks). The administration competent to control applications, register EUTMs, and oversee related disputes, is the European Union Intellectual Property Office (“the EUIPO”)….Continue reading

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partenariat exclusif avec un cabinet anglais

Citizen announces exclusive collaboration with an English law firm

Citizen Avocats is very pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with the English law firm SO Legal Ltd. This collaboration will further enhance both firms’ client offerings. It continues the successful professional relationship between Simon Deceuninck, founder and Président of Citizen Avocats, and Hamed Ovaisi, co-founder and managing director of…Continue reading