British citizens living in France have recently been confronted with two major events: Brexit on the one hand; and the Covid-19 health crisis on the other. These events clearly caused uncertainty in areas such as transport, immigration, import-export, and the event industry…

CITIZEN was founded in the hope of providing answers to the questions that British expats may have regarding their rights and obligations (immigration and settlement in France, return to the UK, customs, development of trans-border activities or disputes, management of personal assets, etc.).

To this end, CITIZEN has tied a great relationship, in the form of a transnational framework agreement, with an English law firm : SO Legal Ltd. The files of our British clients can thus be the subject of in-depth collaboration between French lawyers and English solicitors, whenever their situation requires it.

We are aware that living or doing business in a foreign country can be tricky, especially at a time when “the cards are shuffled”. We thrive to give our British Clients satisfactory advisory or litigation services.