Lawyers are the ultimate confidant of their Clients. They indeed reveal their most sensitive secrets, their professional projects, or certain strategic information for their business…

Lawyers are therefore bound to the most absolute secrecy, which is called legal privilege.  

It is up to them to use all human, legal and technical means to ensure the confidentiality of all information relating to their cases.

To this end, CITIZEN :

  • uses reliable cybersecurity procedures, such as the use of an encrypted mailbox, whose servers are based in Switzerland (a country very strict in terms of privacy protection);
  • put in place an anonymised archiving system for all its physical files;
  • executes confidentiality agreements with every person working on the Firm’s premises, prior to their intervention;
  • checks all the conditions of use of any third party operators or service providers who may be required to host  privileged data (eg. cloud systems).

An annual audit is carried out on the effectiveness of the security methods used.

Naturally, the firm is committed to total discretion on the files it handles.