Lawyers play a decisive role in the judicial process. They must therefore, at all times, demonstrate integrity and honesty and act as reliable and trustworthy professionals.

They should of course never commit illegal acts and they have to warn their Clients when they are at risk of committing one.

In line with its deference to the law, CITIZEN carries out compliance reviews for its Clients. These consist in analysing the degree of compliance of an activity or situation to what the law requires. For example, at our Clients’ request we can ascertain whether a commercial lease contract signed years ago can be renewed on the same terms and conditions, or if, on the contrary, it needs to be amended to comply with new legal provisions. 

In other words, we are committed to help you be and remain compliant in an ever-changing legal landscape.

For businesses and entrepreneurs in particular, we like to explain what the rules are in plain english, so that you feel confident in undertaking your activities.