Lawyers Talk – Interview of Christopher Small

This is the first video of a new series called “Lawyers Talk”. This series will be focused on making our profession known to the public, spreading legal knowledge, comparing the practices of the law in different countries and, more broadly, sharing interesting content.

“The Unconventional Attorney”

In June, Simon Deceuninck had the great pleasure to interview Christopher Small, “The Unconventional Attorney”. Chris is both an estate planning attorney and a coach for solo-practitioners in America. The least we can say is that he has a very straightforward approach to the practice of law. He encourages young lawyers to focus more on what truely matters. That is : making Clients satisfied and growing a business. Moreover, Chris shows great optimism and a genuine interest in helping other lawyers set up their own firm.

Beyond lawyers, this video will be helpful to entrepreneurs as well.

You will hear advice on : business strategy, marketing, building a relationship of trust with Clients, time-management … and even Golf !

Enjoy the show !

Chris considers that the legal business is primarly … a business. One could say this is a very american approach. However, as we enter a more and more digitalised world and as Clients – rightly so – demand the best services from their lawyer, this approach makes more and more sense. We indeed believe that the more functioning and the best organised a firm, the better services it offers. Chris helps solo-practitionners do just that.

In essence his advice is quite simple :

  • focus on few practice areas and do your best;
  • Meet Clients;
  • improve your marketing;
  • let your Clients know in due time the progress made on their case; and
  • avoid billing on the hour and simply accept that some files may require more or less time than others…

On the basis of this discussion, some changes have been implemented to our fees policy :

Do you want to know more about Chris ?

We hope to have soon the great pleasure to do another “Lawyers talk” with Chris.

In the meantime, for those interested, here is the website of his law firm :

For lawyers, his coaching page :

And his youtube page :

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