6 non-legal tips to overcome your first litigation

Facing your first litigation can be extremely stressful. Being confronted to a legal dispute is never a pleasant experience; but the first time is usually singularly anxiety-provoking. Some simple things can nonetheless be done to avoid unnecessary pain.

Litigation is defined by the Cambridge Dictionnary as : “The process of taking a case to a court of law so that a judgement can be made“. Therefore, the more you engage into any economic activity, the more the risk of facing such a litigation increases. It can thus happen to everyone. Whatever the case may be, all of a sudden, what used to be solid becomes shaky; exciting prospects become nightmares… For example, you signed a contract, but the other party – for whatever reason – has decided to breach it. This relationship can no longer be trusted and damages, direct or indirect, soon become evident.

The way you react to these – often unfair – events can have drastic consequences on the success of your future trial and, most importantly, on the ultimate resolution of your dispute.

Are you facing a first litigation ? Here are 6 emotional and financial tips to overcome it

For the reasons above, Simon Deceuninck wanted to share 6 tips to help you overcome your first litigation. These tips are not legal per say. To implement them may however have material consequences on the outcome of your case.

To invoke astute legal norms is our job; however, to manage your dispute properly, emotionnaly and financialy, is yours.

The goal of today’s video is simple : to help you go through these difficult times suffering as little as possible, both from an emotional and financial perspective. In other words, to help you make the best choices and avoid making the situation any worse.

We hope this is helpful.

Act quickly to maximise the efficiency of your lawyer’s intervention

CITIZEN’s covenant to help its Clients keep control over their trial at all times originates from this understanding that facing a litigation can be tough. Nonetheless, as stated in the video, it is crucial that litigants do not waste time and act. Indeed, in-order-to maximize the efficiency of their lawyer’s intervention, they should not wait too long to entrust them with their case.

Much can be done at the preliminary phase of a dispute. The first step can of course consist in bringing everyone around a table to try to de-escalatate the conflict through negociations. Beyond that, lawyers can also help their Clients mitigate their damage and shield themselves from a spread of the dispute. This part of litigation advice is unfortunately often overlooked by litigants, who can be tempted to wait the very last moment before calling their lawyer.

Should you have any concerns as to the likelihood or risk of a future dispute, CITIZEN can do a compliance check or produce a legal consultation.

You can learn more about CITIZEN’s litigation services and philosophy here.

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